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Definition of PULL in thedictionary. Meaning of PULL. What does PULL mean? Information and translations of PULL in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on. A pull moves an object closer and a push moves the object away. Gravity and friction are types of forces that can influence how your object moves. Gravity pulls objects towards the Earth's center - when you throw a ball into the air, it comes back down because of gravity. What does push-and-pull mean? push-and-pull is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as The action or process of pushing and pulling, especially alternately; an instance of this. 02/06/2015 · Hi Pedro, not sure if I understood or agree with your definition of pull. Your “Defined, Dedicated and Controlled” is for me to unprecise to clearly distinguish push and pull. I strongly believe in the upper limit on inventory as a definition of pull.

apply force so as to cause motion towards the source of the motion; "Pull the rope"; "Pull the handle towards you"; "pull the string gently"; "pull the trigger of the gun"; "pull your kneees towards your chin" rein in to keep from winning a race; "pull a horse" operate when rowing a boat; "pull the oars". 18/12/2019 · push-pull definition: The definition of push-pull is a method to achieve action by pushing and pulling. adjective An example of something push-pull is a knob that turns an appliance on by pulling the knob and turns off the appliance by pushing the knob. Force: Push and Pull. For instance, the force has been defined as an interaction that changes the motion of an object if unopposed. When this statement is examined closely, we see the role of push-pull in this. A force that changes the direction of an object towards you, that would be a pull. On the other hand, if it moves away, it is a push.

Slab pull is created by the motion of one tectonic plate as it moves beneath another. When two overlapping plates form a subduction fault, slab pull contributes to the movement of the lower plate as it descends into the mantle. The tectonic plates that make up the Earth's crust are in constant motion. 20/12/2019 · KS2 Science Pushes and pulls learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers. Gravitational pull is the invisible force that causes massive objects to pull other objects towards them. For instance, when a person jumps up in the air, it is the earth’s gravitational pull that causes him to return to the ground. All massive objects have gravity, and the bigger they are, the more gravitational pull.

Define push-pull. push-pull synonyms, push-pull pronunciation, push-pull translation, English dictionary definition of push-pull. adj. Of or relating to an arrangement of two identical electronic devices that that are set in opposite phase in order to minimize distortion.

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